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SD-WAN Homepage

No more downtime with SD-WAN

Your business is “ALWAYS-ON “

Is your WAN connection to the cloud and internet essential for your business?

Then SD-WAN is your live saving  solution.

SD-WAN ensures that you are always-online and securely connected to the internet and the cloud.

What is sd-wan?

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is the new trend in network technology. SDN is based on intelligent software. SDN solutions are better than the current static solutions capable of guiding network traffic, monitoring and automatic interventions in the event of disruptions.

Traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) rely on decades-old hardware-oriented router technology built for an era in which networks were static and data had to be transmitted between client and server. Over the years they have struggled to keep up with the fast pace of IT innovation and have become increasingly complex to manage.

SD-WAN is a SDN solution specifically for optimizing the accessibility of organizations. That is also called “the last mile”. The WAN connection of the organization with the internet and cloud.

Sdnbucks delivers SD-WAN solutions from leading suppliers such as Citrix, Nuage networks, Riverbed and Silver-peak

SD-WAN is an “All-In-One” solution

For all your Access, Internet, cloud and network challenges


Discover all plug & play features

Zero Touch Activation

Activate a new Branch is as easy as installing a Wifi router at Home. Install the appliance, Click on your personal site activation email, enter your personal site activation SMS and your site is ready for your valuable business, that fast, easy and secure !

Active-Active Internet

Setting up an Active-Active Internet with two or more Internet access lines has never been easier. SD-WAN creates in software one virtual High-Way with each access link available for your valuable applications.

Self Service Portal

Setting up your network that suits the business have never been easier, through the self-service portal configuration templates are created in minutes including application based routing and suffisticated security.

Application Visibility and Reporting

The portal created fully automatic application visibility, reporting and analytics. Your application performance is monitored and reported nearly real-time, including SLA events if link changes occur.

Key Benefits of SD-WAN

99,9999% Availability

SD-WAN seamless fast-failover protects users and applications preventively against loss of productivity due to broken connections

Provider Less

SD-WAN is provider and acces type independent, business or consumer access it doesn't matter. Mixing Fiber, xDSL, cable or 4G LTE gives you real freedom, no provider lock-in, no long waiting times, no coverage restriction.

Any Cloud Optimized

SD-WAN has native public cloud support for AWS, GCS and Azure.Private cloud with KVM, VMware and Hyper-V, they will appear in your VPN like another Branch site with same config and security.

SD-Security Powered

SD-WAN provides Software Defined Security until Layer-7 with real-time deep packet inspection (DPI) as input for treat detection and programmable closed-loop algorithms. Visibility and reporting gives you real insight in your network.

WAN Monitoring & Analytics

“With SD-WAN it is possible to look at problems and deficiencies in the network retroactively .The well-known pronunciation of users: ‘The network is slow …’, can actually be brought back to the cause!”.

SD-WAN uCPE Appliance

The SD-WAN software is installed on a physical device, namely the uCPE appliance.
The appliance has multiple network ports, making it look like a traditional WAN gateway, standard each uCPE is delivered with a 4G LTE modem to guarantee our “Site-availability”. Optionally equipped with an WiFi module.


About SDNbucks

SDNbucks is the supplier of SDWAN solutions

Sdnbucks focuses on providing solutions to make data and applications in the world safe and easily accessible, Anytime Everywhere, and on any device or network.

We unburden our customers in their interaction and communication with customers, employees, suppliers and “things”, so that our customers can make the extraordinary possible without any worries.

We will do this by delivering the world’s best integrated SDN newerkservices as a service in the Cloud.

Sdnbucks is a Vendor independent supplier of the leading SDN vendors.




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