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Healthcare | Pruitt Health Acute Care

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About This Project

Richard Bailey, VP of IT Operations, discusses how PruittHealth, a regional post-acute care healthcare entity, uses Citrix technology. Citrix solutions enable the organization to deliver better patient care and continue to grow at a rapid pace.

The challenge

The care that PruittHealth offers is very complete, from post-acute care to pharmacies and nursing homes. On average, they have 25,000 patients daily. Their growth strategy is based on acquisitions. They have doubled in size in ten years. In the past, such a takeover took weeks or months, which meant that the backlog increased and the costs increased.

The solution

With an end-to-end solution from Citrix, PruittHealth can now offer virtual applications to acquired components, via the existing network infrastructure and while maintaining security and access management. The solution includes NetScaler SD-WAN for networking, NetScaler Unified Gateway for secure remote access and XenApp for virtual application delivery.

The result

Immediately available apps for users in newly acquired or newly opened locations

Savings of almost $ 2.5 million per year in provider costs

Better security thanks to centralization of data


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