Sdnbucks | Care VoIP | The Watershed Care Solution
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Care VoIP | The Watershed Care Solution

Cost, Flexibility, Security
About This Project
Secure, reliable experience when using VoIP and virtual desktops at any location

The challenge

The Watershed tries to help people get rid of their drug or alcohol addiction. Patients are recorded or they are helped by telephone. To support its growth, this organization chose XenDesktop. A point of attention was productivity. MPLS offered insufficient bandwidth to pass all applications, XenDesktop sessions and VoIP calls. There was a broadband connection available as a backup, but the failover happened too slowly, resulting in sessions
were interrupted.

The solution

The Watershed has used NetScaler SD-WAN to merge its MPLS and broadband connections and create more bandwidth for XenDesktop sessions, VoIP and other important traffic. This has ensured that virtualized desktops can now be reliably provided at all locations.

The result

Central management of application delivery and network policies
Permanently available XenDesktop, VoIP and other applications via WAN connections in ‘active-active’ mode.
More intelligent network management for external locations with proactive health and performance monitoring of WAN links
Certainty that the number of locations can expand without needing a lot of additional IT staff