Sdnbucks | The Tile Shop | 125 branches Replace MPLS with SD-WAN
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The Tile Shop | 125 branches Replace MPLS with SD-WAN

Cost, Flexibility, Insights, Security
About This Project
A retail organization with 174 stores replaces MPLS with SD-WAN

The challenge

The Tile Shop has an app, Design Studio, to show customers what their tiles will look like. This app, however, puts a heavy burden on the bandwidth, much more than a normal point-of-sale system. The Tile Shop used to have one MPLS line for the internal app delivery and a DSL line for internet access, backup and Wi-Fi. Failure and performance problems became a problem. However, an upgrade of the connections would cost $ 7200 per year for each of the 125 US locations.

The solution

With NetScaler SD-WAN, The Tile Shop has combined the existing MPLS and DSL connections. They now have enough bandwidth for internet access, back-up, Wi-Fi in stores and virtualized internal applications, such as Design Studio, now offered via Citrix XenApp.

The result

Saving more than 1 million dollars a year through better utilization of existing bandwidth
Strongly increased bandwidth, up to a download speed of 100 Mbps
Smooth, more interactive experience for Design Studio and better performance for retail applications
Differentiated shopping experience for customers, so that The Tile Shop can distinguish itself better