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VoIP Contact Center | Reliable – Redundant Internet

About This Project

Wire cutters and sledgehammers make for great product demos…See the Citrix SD-WAN solution in action, working in conjunction with XenApp to deliver Skype for Business. In this live demonstration, NetScaler CTO Abhishek Chauhaun, Shoaib Yusuf, and Scott Lane from Citrix demonstrate the superior capabilities of the Citrix SD-WAN solution to deliver lossless Skype for Business connectivity even during network failures. No other SD-WAN solution can offer that!

Usecase: problems in Contact Center


We provide interpretation services. Mainly to the government.

Our customers are the Police, the Legal Aid Council and the COA.

We do about 2500 interpreting assignments per day, with a contact center of 50 workstations.

IT manager:

We want to concentrate on the core business. We have outsourced all IT. Everything in the cloud:

  • Virtual workspaces with Citrix
  • The VOIP PBX in the cloud with Avaya
  • Virtual servers on VMware
  • The server room is almost empty
  • Operational manager Contact Center:

That makes us very flexible. The demand for interpreters varies greatly.

We can now easily scale workstations in the contact center “OP” and “AF”.

Moreover, it does not matter where the workplaces are located in the world, if they have access to the internet.

IT Manager:

We depend on a good connection with the cloud. That made us vulnerable in the first instance. As soon as the connection is broken, the calls are also disconnected. We had a time of that.

Operational manager Contact Center:

That was very frustrating at the time. If that happened, the Contact Center was disabled.

It took us about 45 minutes before we had eliminated all the backlog. That happened regularly.

IT Manager:

Traditional Active / passive and Active / Active techniques did not provide a solution. Too many limitations, too little yield in terms of redundancy and bandwidth.

Then we found SD-WAN ………. SD-WAN was a huge improvement for us. Simply plug in the lines that we already had. It was not more.

Everything is stacked into a thick virtual pipeline with 99.99% availability.

In SD-WAN we can even give priority to voice traffic.

The feeling of security and reliability is wonderful. Now we can really concentrate on our core business.


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