Sdnbucks | Features
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All-In-One SD-WAN, No additional costs

Discover all plug & play features.

Active-Active Access Links | Application SLA Routing

IPSecĀ VPN | Stateful Firewall | Flow Based Analytics

Active-Active Internet

Setting up an Active-Active WAN with two or more Internet access lines has never been easier. SD-WAN creates in software one virtual High-Way with each access link available for your valuable applications.

Plug&Play NaaS

SD-WAN is a Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) service with monthly subscriptions

SD-Security powered

SD-WAN provides Software Defined Security until Layer-7 with real-time deep packet inspection (DPI) as input for treat detection and programmable closed-loop algorithms. Visibility and reporting gives you real insight in your network

Remote SSL access

SD-WAN optionally provides SSL VPN acces for remote users with industry standard Vendors

Application based QoS

Application based Quality-Of-Service provides the best path possible at any given time, including visibility and reporting

IPSEC setup

Creating Hybrid-Networks have never been easier, with full IPSEC support existing sites or cloud gateways like AWS can be integrated in a few clicks

Up and Down Scaling

SD-WAN supports hardware independent scaling off the monthly bandwidth subscription, you only pay what you need for your site.

VOIP and Video QoS

SD-WAN provides the option to set default path selections, to make sure the highest priority can be given to critical applications, such as voice.

Flow Based Firewall

SD-WAN can optionally place suspicious Endpoints in Quarantine to prevent a data leak